Carlsberg Sweden first with 
the new lightweight products

Carlsberg Sweden was one of the first companies to use Modul-System’s new lightweight van racking solution, and appreciates the weight reduction as well as the system’s functionality and robustness.
   - Having a lighter weight racking system means we can load more equipment in our vehicles, which makes us even more efficient, purchasing manager Lennart Mattsson declares.

By using ultra-high strength steel in their van racking solutions, Modul-System has been able to develop products that are lighter weight, yet as robust and flexible as before. The system has been installed in twenty five of Carlsberg Sweden’s light commercial vehicles, and two of their drivers using it are service technicians Lars Grimgard and Johan Hjärtinge.
   - This is a huge improvement for us, we are very happy with this solution, say the guys who previously had an older generation of Modul-System in their vehicles.

Tailor-made solution
Carlsberg has together with Modul-System chosen a racking system that is tailor-made to fit their operations. As the drivers need to carry, and keep track of, a large number of components, the Compact Series shelving solution was considered to be the most suitable option. Thanks to the patented solution the boxes can be stacked close to each other, offering space efficient storage in the van.
   - I really like this solution. We can fit more components in the vehicles, it is really easy to find the correct product, and there is no risk of material falling out of the boxes while driving, Johan Hjärtinge explains.

Everything in its place
In the Carlsberg vehicles, every drawer and box have been labeled with its contents to reduce the time it takes to find the correct item. This also minimizes the risk of not having the correct components when out on a job.
   - This racking solution saves us a lot of time. It’s easy to keep track of which products you have in the vehicle, and it saves you the irritation of getting to a job just to find that you lack the correct component, says Lars Grimgard.

Reduced fuel costs and lower emissions
Lennart Mattsson, purchasing manager at Carlsberg Sweden, shares the drivers’ optimism regarding the new racking solution.
   - We are extremely happy with Modul-System as a supplier. The most important thing from our point of view is to have a supplier that provides the lowest total cost based on the product being functional and practical, says Lennart Mattsson.
He is also happy with the lighter weight of the new solution.
   - Reduced fuel costs and lower emissions are of course also very positive, he concludes. 
Lars Grimgard (to the left) and Johan Hjärtinge (to the right) are two of the twenty five service technicians at Carlsberg Sweden that are using the new lightweight racking system from Modul-System. They are both very happy with their new racking solution.
In the Carlsberg service vehicles everything is in its place. The racking solution from Modul-System has been labeled, so that the service technicians can quickly find the correct component.
According to Carlsberg, the racking solution from Modul-System saves the company a lot of time.