A heater will make sure that the vehicle is warm, even when the outside temperature is low. We offer both water and air heaters. The water heaters will pre-warm the engine/cabin, while the air heaters are suitable for warming up the load compartment/cabin.

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  • Total: 24
  • Airtronic S3 D2L 12V Commercial

  • Kit - Airtronic D2

  • Airtronic M3 D4L 12V Commercial

  • Kit - Airtronic D4

  • Airtronic M3 Recreational D4R 12V

  • U-kit Airtronic D2L/D4L/D4R

  • Outer hood straight Ø60mm Airtronic D2

  • Outer hood straight Ø90mm Airtronic D4L/D4R

  • Hose APK Ø60mm 5m

  • Hose APK Ø90mm 5m

  • Hose connection socket Ø60mm

  • Hose connection socket Ø90mm

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  • 2
  • Total: 24

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