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Our van storage solutions are designed for commercial vans within the parcel delivery service industry. Made from ultra-high strength steel which is lightweight but robust, our van shelving is specifically made with features such as higher side and rear edges to ensure parcels and packages stay securely on the shelves. Folding shelves give flexible loading options for businesses that require good storage capabilities, but who will occasionally need to utilize the complete floor space of their vans. This maximizes usage of delivery vehicles and when the van shelving is being used, the load area is increased by up to 50%.

Bulkhead with sliding door, integrated t-tracks to secure cargo and other trade van accessories are available for your van conversion. Our van storage solutions and shelving can help increase the number of items loaded and assist drivers by reducing the time taken to search and find individual parcels. 


  • Van storage solutions can increase the vehicle’s effective load area by up to 50%.
  • Ergonomic, lightweight folding van shelves with high load capacity.
  • Each robust van shelf has a load capacity of 120kg.
  • Lightweight bulkhead with sliding door for cargo space access.
  • Non-intrusive installation protects the delivery vehicle’s residual value.

Bulkhead with sliding door

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The bulkhead, made from lightweight material, is equipped with a sliding door for quick and easy access to the cargo area from the cabin. A mechanical or electrical lock can be provided as an option.


Bulkhead versions 

Unlike a hinged door within a bulkhead, a sliding door maximizes space, making loading and unloading easier and more efficient. This can also save time for the driver when delivering parcels, increasing the efficiency of deliveries and cost effectiveness.


By using a centered door you create maximum space between the original driver and passenger seats. This makes loading and unloading easier and more efficient.


The bulkhead with jump seat has a non-centered door to create the maximum space between the driver seat and the jump seat. This is the optimal solution to give maximum freedom of movement for the driver.


Simple and robust handle to open and close the door. Allows quick and easy access to the cargo area.


Possibility to have the door locked or unlocked from the cabin. In the same way, from the cargo area, the door can be locked or unlocked using the knob-shaped turn lock.


Automatically locks the door when it is closed. From the cargo area, the door can always be opened using the red release button. Can be combined with a buzzer and warning light.


Folding van shelves

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Our folding van shelving is lightweight, having been produced from ultra-high strength steel and is perfect for parcel delivery vans and vehicles. There are many benefits for both the driver and the delivery company from using folding shelves within their van conversions.



Higher side and rear edges means packages stay securely on the van shelving. The lower, specially designed front edge facilitates unloading.


When fully deployed, Modul-Express shelving increases the vehicle’s effective load area by up to 50 percent.


Each shelf has a load capacity of 120 kg, and can be mounted with an incline if required.


Non-intrusive installation is possible. When not drilling in the vehicle body, the risk of rust is eliminated.


Much effort has gone into designing an ergonomic solution. Gas struts make the shelves easy to fold up and down.


Accessories such as lashing eyelets, cargo straps and instep handles are simple additions which compliments the vehicle.



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The Modul-Express accessories are innovative products that have been specifically developed for use with the Modul-Express range. By adding accessories, you can extend the functionality of the racking system and make your workspace even more efficient.

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