Lightweight, drill-free, and modular van racking for commercial electric vans.

A technique inspired from the space rocket and aviation industry. Modul-System has always been at the forefront when it comes to developing solutions for the future. So, when it comes to EV-adapted solutions for installing racking, we are already ahead of the curve. In 2017, Modul-System developed a strong and reliable technique where the attachment points in which the interior racking can be fixed to is glued to the vehicle body, instead of being drilled. The glue that Modul-System uses is the same high-strength formula as used in the aviation industry.

A concept that has proven to work

Modul-System’s technique has been installed in vehicles all over the world and has undergone a tremendous amount of testing to ensure a safe and reliable installation.

We offer a range of tailor made racking, shelving, flooring and lining kits designed specifically for electric vans. Each kit has been developed for professional use, is flexible and intended for a range of service industries.


ID. Buzz Cargo

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Mercedes Sprinter




Utilising auxiliary electrical equipment without compromising vehicle range

All the additional electrical consumers such as lights, beacons, inverters etc should be connected to an auxiliary battery and not the 12V vehicle chassis battery. This is ultimately to eliminate the risk of discharge to the vehicle chassis battery and not affect the vehicle’s ability to function normally or reduce its range.

By installing a EV DC–DC Charger in your vehicle you will have a link between your 12V vehicle chassis battery and the auxiliary battery. This allows for instant charge of your auxiliary battery whilst your vehicle’s batteries are charging via the OEM shore supply cable, starting your day at full capacity. Modul-System’s unique control and telematic system, Modul-Connect™ allows you to wirelessly control all your auxiliary electrical equipment including the DC–DC Charger, making you in control of when it should be in use.

DC–DC Charger

Modul-System offers EV DC–DC Chargers in both 30 amp and 60 amp for Lithium, and AGM batteries.

A DC–DC Charger works as a link between the 12V vehicle chassis battery and the auxiliary battery, allowing for instant charge of your auxiliary battery whilst your vehicle’s batteries are charging via the OEM shore supply cable. 

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EV Heater

For a sustainable working vehicle an EV heater is a must.

Modul-System’s own produced heaters have a capacity of 600W, which enables a warm vehicle even during the colder months. When summer comes, the heater will act as a fan allowing for a circulated flow of fresh air in the van.

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M-C Control Box Kit

This kit contains all the necessary parts to get started with Modul-Connect™.

Modul-Connect™ allows you to wirelessly monitor and control the vehicle’s auxiliary electrical accessories. Switch on and off the work lights, monitor the vehicle’s climate, schedule the heater, keep track of the vehicle’s weight, and much more.

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Make the most of your electric commercial van, install Modul-System’s lightweight racking and EV adapted electrics. For an environmentally friendly solution that in the future will both save you money and help the environment to.

Working together to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Our commitment to sustainability influences every stage of our work process, from the concept, through to testing, manufacturing and assembly all the way to you, the end user.

"According to our life cycle analysis, our biggest contribution to the environment, is that we work with the lightest materials available. This limits the impact that our solutions have on the environment as much as possible throughout the life of the vehicle."

David Mickelson, CEO of Modul-System.

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Get connected and reach your sustainability targets. Modul-Connect™ is here to future-proof your fleet.

Optimise the driving range, extend the life of your van, shorten the braking distance and improve driver safety with our weighing system.

Get real-time access to the vehicle’s routes, weight, battery, tools, position, climate and much more. This will ultimately help you to optimise the routes, help maintain the right temperature to prevent sensitive goods going to waste.

Install Modul-Connect™ today for a sustainable future for your vehicle fleet.


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Did not find a suitable racking for your needs? No worries, just contact our team and we are sure that we can tailor a bespoke and perfect solution.

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