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We are revolutionizing the van flooring industry and the installation of these products by introducing a robust and lightweight option for van conversions. Our quick and safe installation in service vehicles is thanks to the smart design of the non-intrusive modular flooring and van liners. The products are installed using highly adhesive glue, which is stronger than nuts and bolts. This also means that no drilling through the vehicle body is required, therefore eliminating the risk of corrosion. This new van flooring, lining and installation system for commercial vehicles is a true innovation, a fact supported by more than ten patents pending.


  • Non-intrusive flooring, lining and installation system which protects the residual value of the vehicle.
  • Lightweight products increases payload or reduces emissions.
  • Robust, anti-slip van flooring systems with high impact resistance for long-term use.
  • Profiles enable quick and safe installation and offer flexible load restraint possibilities.

Van Flooring

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For years, click-lock floors have been used in homes and offices. Bringing the concept to the commercial vehicles industry, we have refined it to meet our customers’ demands for functionality, robustness and low weight van flooring. The floor surface is made from anti-slip aluminium tread plate, which contributes to a safer work environment. The system is equally suitable for vans with only floors and linings inside, as for traditional service vehicles, or parcel delivery vans.



The days of drilling through the vehicle body are over. Our new non-intrusive van flooring and rails are installed using highly adhesive glue, which makes for a stronger installation than nuts and bolts, and protects the residual value of the vehicle.



You can call it true teamwork, different materials working together in a unique sandwich construction, creating a system which is ergonomic, lightweight and robust. The lighter weight will increase the vehicle’s payload, alternatively lower fuel consumption and emissions.



Delivery costs for van flooring and van liners can be almost as high as the price of the products themselves. Because we supply modules, designed to fit euro pallets, transportation costs are significantly reduced.



Click-lock modular flooring is joined together using a tongue and groove method. Using smaller, more manageable, modules instead of one large piece results in better ergonomics and more efficient handling of material in the workshop. The floor has integrated rails for quick and safe installation of racking systems and other accessories. Fixing to the rails means that the racking system can be easily demounted, and re-installed if required.


Double floor

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For light commercial vehicles in the smaller segment, double floor solutions are becoming increasingly popular. This as they maximize the utilization of the cargo space.


Extra-long drawers, intended for heavy and bulky cargo, are installed under the double floor. Each drawer has a load capacity of 80 kg, alternatively 100 kg if a rubberized insert is used. The drawers can be extended about 80 per cent and the ball bearing solution makes them both stable and easy to operate. Smart accessories contribute to increased functionality.

The double floor is installed on top of the drawers. For best possible combination of lightweight and robustness, the floors are manufactured from a sandwich material with aluminum on the top and bottom. Edging strips in aluminum are included for a nice finish.

The double floor has integrated cargo rails, which can be used for the fixation of van racking or to secure cargo. Modul-System offer lashing eyelets which are extremely robust and which easily can be moved.


A double floor solution maximizes the utilization of the cargo space. Heavy and bulky cargo is placed in the long drawers beneath the double floor and is easily accessible from the outside of the vehicle. The space above the double floor is available for tools and other equipment. It is also possible to install van racking on top of the double floor to maximize the utilization of the load area.


For safety reasons, heavy and bulky items are kept in long drawers beneath the double floor. Each drawer is equipped with a CRP (Crash Restraint Panel) which prevents loads from being propelled forward in the event of an accident.

When the double floor solution is installed in the vehicle, it is done with safety in mind. The drawers are fixed with a certain distance in between products to create built-in deformation zones, which prevents them from being pushed into the bulkhead in the event of a rear-end collision.

As an option, we offer an impact safety partition which is mounted close by, and reinforces, the bulkhead. In the event of a rear-end collision, it absorbs the loads from the double floor solution to further protect the driver and passenger.


Van Liners

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Non-intrusive lining for van walls and roof linings create a bright and pleasant working environment, and all of the materials used are easy to wipe clean. The lightweight van liners are pre-cut for quick and easy installation.



Our van liners reduce wear and tear on the interior and prolong the van’s useful life while helping to retain the vehicle's residual value.



Roof and wall linings give a furnished and polished look to your commercial vehicle, ensuring it looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside.



Just as with the van floor, our wall and roof liners are installed using a highly adhesive glue and therefore requires no drilling to your vehicle.


Van wall rails

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Mounted to the vehicle walls, and ceiling if required, the rails facilitate the installation of van racking systems and other accessories. These wall rails ensures that the modular racking systems can be easily demounted, and re-installed if required.



The clever design of all the elements reduces the overall installation time as the van racking system is quickly secured in the wall rails.



The wall brackets have a built-in shock absorbing feature which maximizes safety.



The brackets are modular to fit every installation perfectly.


Van flooring Accessories

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The Modul-Floor accessories are innovative products that have been specifically developed for use with the Modul-Floor range. By adding accessories such as eyelets, lashing hooks and cargo bars, you can extend the functionality of the conversion, making your workspace even more efficient.

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