Our standard shelves have a height of 54 mm and the rolled edge on the long-side (patent pending) adds stiffness to the construction. The cut-outs along the front and back are used for mounting dividers. For ultimate practicality, shelves can be combined with Modul-Boxes and rubber mats. Adjustable shelves are available in lengths up to 3300 mm, and are generally used for storing long items. The corner shelf is useful for where the side of the vehicle meets a partition.

  • Adjustable shelf 1930-3300x216

  • Adjustable shelf 1930-3300x324

  • Corner shelf 324x324x54

  • Shelf bracket 216

  • Shelf bracket 324

  • Shelf support 810

  • Shelf support 918

  • Shelf support 1026

  • Shelf 648x648x54

  • Shelf 648x810x54

  • Shelf 648x972x54

  • Shelf 648x1134x54

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