Airtronic S2 D2L 12V Commercial



All dimensions are in mm and all weights in kg.

The fuel operated Airtronic 2 is an update to Eberspaecher's family of air heaters. Its brushless motor means it offers a long service life of over 5,000 hours. That makes the second-generation Airtronic a highly reliable heating system for a wide range of applications. With its integrated altitude sensor, it is also ideal for a ride in the mountains. The sensor optimizes burner operation, and adapts automatically at altitudes up to 3,000 meters. 

The Airtronic ensures a pleasant, relaxing ambience. It warms the vehicle's interior to just the right levels of comfort, and has now been made even quieter. It runs efficiently and very quietly thanks to its infinitely variable heat output. The new metering pump has also been noise-optimized – the 'ticking' when pumping fuel is a thing of the past. 

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  • Total: 11
  • U-kit Airtronic D2L/D4L/D4R

  • Outer hood straight Ø60mm Airtronic D2

  • Hose APK Ø60mm 5m

  • Hose connection socket Ø60mm

  • Hose clamp Ø50-70mm

  • Air outlet Ø50/Ø60mm 30° black

  • Grid Ø60mm

  • EasyStart Pro Timer TP7.1 (Airtronic/Hydronic)

  • EasyStart Select TP7 (Airtronic D2)

  • Fuel tank outlet 2mm L=450 mm (Airtronic)

  • MSN Airtronic Vehicle Installation D2L/D4L/D4R

  • Total: 11

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