Floor Master/Movano -21/NV400 L3 - twin wheels - RD



All dimensions are in mm and all weights in kg.

Lightweight and robust standard van floor for a Renault Master / Opel Movano / Nissan NV400 with anti-slip aluminum tread plate and cargo rails (longitudinal) for quick and safe installation of racking systems and other accessories.

The floor installation requires no drilling and is fitted using highly adhesive glue, which results in a stronger installation than nuts and bolts, while protecting the residual value of the vehicle.

Accessories such as lashing eyelets, lashing hooks and cargo bars are easily mounted directly onto the floor rails.

Glue kit and edging strips are supplied separately.

Load capacity: 1000 kg/m2

For details on how to place an order, please see below or contact our team for more information.

  • Total: 8
  • Rubber strap (running meter)

  • Lashing HL-2000S

  • Lashing HL-2000 4,0 m

  • Lashing HL-4500S

  • Lashing eyelet for M8 rail

  • Lashing hook for M8 rail

  • Glue kit floor - gun - L3 (Products)

  • Edging strip Master/Movano -21/NV400 L2-L4 - RWD - RD

  • Total: 8
  • Total: 2
  • SPP Floor Master/Movano -21/NV400 L3 - twin wheels - RD

  • Modul-Floor 1000x800

  • Total: 2

Assembly instructions

Technical specifications

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