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The electrical system is an important part of your service vehicle. Our experienced technical team will design a customized electrical system that meets your specific requirements. We fit everything from simple lights or power sockets up to 230V systems.

With our modular, digital wiring and control system - Modul-Connect - you get a flexible, lightweight, electrical system with integrated battery guard and fusing. All products in the Plug & Play system are controlled by switches.


  • Quick and safe wiring with our innovative Plug and Play system Modul-Connect.
  • Robust and durable lights, which holds all relevant certifications.
  • High-quality pure sinewave inverters which feature low battery alarm, overload and over-temperature shutdown.
  • Battery chargers which will charge your auxiliary battery quickly, and works with 'smart charge' vehicles.


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With Modul-Connect vehicle electrics are made simple. Thanks to ‘plug & play’ functionality, the system can be installed quickly and safely, without the need for experienced electricians or complex programming.


Modul-Connect is a modular, digital wiring and control system for light commercial vehicles. Using a unique digital signal to control all electrical components connected to the system, it allows multiple products to be powered and switched along a single cable simultaneously and with extreme reliability.

Because the system is modular, it can be tailored to suit every need. The modularity also makes it extremely flexible, and easy to adapt if the requirements change.

Modul-Connect comes with an inbuilt battery guard, which will protect the vehicle’s start capacity. It is also extremely resistant to dust and water (IP67). In addition, it is electronically fused to prevent accessories from breaking in the event of a short circuit. As it is a stand-alone solution, not connected to the vehicle’s CAN bus system, it will not be effected by, for example, software updates from the vehicle manufacturer.

In addition, it is lightweight. For customers who have a lot of electrical components in their vehicles, Modul-Connect can offer a significant weight reduction.



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By using a power inverter, it is possible to run 230V equipment from the vehicle battery. We offer a range of high quality, pure sinewave DC to AC power inverters. All inverters features a low battery alarm to prevent total battery discharge and overload and over-temperature shutdown to protect the inverter and the conversion.


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By using a battery charger you ensure that your auxiliary battery bank is always properly charged. We install both DC-DC and AC-DC chargers. The Modul-System battery chargers are compatible with all light commercial vehicles, including those with smart alternators, regenerative braking technology and start/stop functionality.


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A heater will make sure that the vehicle is warm, even when the outside temperature is low. We offer both water and air heaters. The water heaters will pre-warm the engine / cabin, while the air heaters are suitable for warming up the load compartment / cabin.


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Exterior lights will make the vehicle visible on, or by the side of the road. Our exterior lighting range includes beacons, strobe lights, work lights and light bars. The beacons, strobe lights and light bars meet R65 regulation and feature different flash patterns to suit every need.


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Good lighting conditions in your service vehicle will contribute to increased work efficiency and a higher level of safety. We offer a wide range of high-quality lights, including ambient lights, workbench lights, drawer/shelf lights and work lights in different versions.


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Modul-System offers a wide range of additional electrical accessories, such as reversing cameras and alarms, hand wash units, sensors, run locks, power sockets, etc. If you can't find the accessory you are looking for on the website, please contact your closest Service Center.

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