Efficient storage with our new folding shelves

Efficient storage with our new folding shelves


Modul-System’s new folding shelves offer a flexible solution for businesses that require good storage capabilities, but from time to time need to utilize the complete floor space of their service vehicles. 

The system is produced from ultra-high strength steel, therefore it is both lightweight and robust. To make them easy to operate, the shelves are equipped with gas struts as standard. The design with higher side and rear edges means packages stay securely on the shelves when the vehicle is being driven. The lower, specially designed, front edge facilitates unloading.

The shelves are available in several lengths to fit different vehicle models perfectly. Each shelf has a load capacity of 120 kg, and can be mounted with an incline if required. The shelf end supports’ integrated T-track profiles can be used, for example, to secure cargo, and is compatible with Modul-System’s standard lashing products.

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