Lightweight base frame in heavy duty design

Lightweight base frame in heavy duty design


Modul-System’s new extendable base frame is designed for heavy equipment. The robust platform will handle loads up to 250 kg. In addition to increasing the load capacity, we have managed to reduce the weight by 25 percent. This thanks to innovative engineering and smart material choices.

The extendable base frame is used in many different applications, hence available in several sizes. The narrower base frames are often mounted by the bulkhead, pulling out through the side door while leaving room for the operator to enter the vehicle. The wider ones are popular in, for example, pickup solutions.

The base frame has an ergonomic design, and the opening mechanism enables the operator to pull it out using only one hand. For added safety, the platform locks in the extended position.

A load platform can easily be mounted on the base frame. The Modul-System loading platform is made from sandwich material with an aluminum top, which makes it lightweight, robust and easy to keep clean. The integrated rails can be used for, for example, mounting racking products or to fasten heavy equipment. By adding an upstand, items will not fall off the platform when the vehicle is moving.

Like most Modul-System products, the new extendable base frame is based on modular dimensions. This means that you can easily mount, for example, drawer units on the base frame, for easy access to tools and other equipment.



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