Modul-Express, Jump Seat 2022

Modul-Express, Jump Seat 2022


In a perfect world, we could dream of quiet and safe streets, where traffic accidents were unheard of. In a perfect world, there would be no need to carry out extensive testing on the safety of vehicles, and car seats would only be developed for colour, shape and comfort. In a world where car accidents do occur, the requirements for vehicle safety is very different. Within our reality, the security of a car seat can quickly become a matter of life and death.

After a tremendous amount of specialist testing, the new Modul-System Jump Seat has landed. With both the safety and comfort of passengers in mind, this new seat fits nicely into any modern commercial vehicle.


jump seat for commercial van

The surface fabric is made up of two types of vinyl to sustain harsh environments and prolong the product lifetime. The main body of the chair has a Martindale of 100,000, whilst the higher-traffic areas around the edges, have a Martindale of 300,000. In addition, the fabric has been coated with Permablok and this creates a tough barrier to protect the chair from bacteria, stains and general wear. The coating helps to reduce the spread of viruses that land on the surface. For example, the presence of COVID-19 decreases by 90% within an hour of making contact.

In order to withstand a fire, it is important that the interior materials of a vehicle contain the spread of flames. Therefore, comprehensive fire testing has been performed on the chair. The components of the jump seat have been tested to meet the fire requirements, FMVSS302. This means that in the event of a fire, a material does not burn faster than 102mm / minute. The jump seat has also undergone in-depth strength testing, which resulted in the chair being approved for a load of up to 150kg. The belt system has been verified to meet the requirements of ECE R14, and together with the seat, meets the requirements of ECE R16. The jump seat it to be attached to the Modul-System bulkhead, which meets SS-ISO 27956:2009 requirements.


The seat has been developed to offer optimum comfort, whilst also providing the beneficial folding function, where the gas-damping folding mechanism is featured in two positions, meaning that the chair stays in position, even during hard braking. The seat is developed according to Automotive standard and meets all Automotive requirements. 

The neck protection has been molded for extra comfort, using the material EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) and meets the regulations for ECE-R17 to endure high-impact collisions. The back of the chair is ergonomically designed to offer sufficient support, using a comfortable layer of PUR foam on a body of supportive materials.



Sustainable choices have been made throughout the design, including the highly durable vinyl which is manufactured in Europe by a carbon-neutral company and meets the REACH and RoHS requirements. The seat cover is completely replaceable, in the event of any long-term wear-and-tear. The chair’s framework is constructed using high-strength steel, which is a material that can be infinitely recycled without losing its properties. The materials used throughout production have been chosen to keep the overall weight of the vehicle down, which contributes to lower CO2 emissions compared to heavier vehicle systems.


The Jump Seat is currently type approved for Ford Transit and is undergoing testing to be certified for further car models.



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